School Ring Federation



theRing_With_coins1At a high level, this blog is about how xdiCoin and OX messaging could be used to support OpenID Connect 1.0 multi-party federations.

The interactions between individuals and organizations has become increasingly complex. By using OX, people or organizations can create data federations. Federations will enable simplification of trust by standardizing the vocabulary, policies and operating procedures for the respective data sharing relationship.

While talking with Denise Tayloe from Privo last week, I realized there is a chicken and the egg problem with identifiers. As soon as kids have a coin, I realized that the most important trust ring to draw is your Family Ring.

The Family Rings solves two problems I’ve been thinking about recently (1) how do my children interact with companies (Lego, Moshi Monsters, etc) (2) how do my kids interact with the school. In order to manage these relationships, the organizations in question need to understand that I am the parent.

The School Ring is my idea to show the potential opportunities for federation. oxPlus is a private social networking application for a K-12 school that we wrote as part of the project with ID3. We are planning to re-launch oxPlus on a new public website. We will re-brand it, and enable open registration (which will help for the web access management system wam).

With open registration, people can obtain OpenID Connect 1.0 credentials and an OX personal datastore. OX is used to store the parent child relationships. oxPlus also provides tools to create a school in OX. Even a homeschooling parent could register their own school, specify that they are the teacher, and point to their kids as the students.

This type of standardization enables kids to receive services (with their parents consent), and for schools to make data available “up the stream,” within the confines of the rules of the federation. This is how governments can get real time test scores and access to richer content. Improved inter-operability would also help students who move to a new district or state, giving the receiving educators a better understanding of a students capabilities on an apples:apples basis.


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