Symplified… So long and thanks for all the fish!

jumping_goldfish_smallAs many of you have heard, Symplified is exiting the access management market. The company’s founders had a long history in the single sign-on business, having founded Securant in the late nineties. Securant was acquired by RSA in September 2001, and evolved into RSA Cleartrust, which is still in production today at many organizations.

It seemed logical that the experienced team behind such a successful product would have launched an equally successful SaaS offering. I don’t know the whole back story, but many things have to align for a startup to succeed. You need good execution, but you also need a little bit of good luck.

I first ran into Symplified at the Digital Identity World in 2008 (thanks for the flying monkey!). At the next Digital Identity World, I had a long conversation with Eric Olden about utility computing. He gave me a copy of the book The Big Switch, which provided valuable evidence in my thinking about how utility computing could make sense for SSO and access management, and how lowering the price could actually expand the size of the market.

Although Gluu has many competitors,  identity provider saml is a very large global market, which Gluu cannot serve alone. We’re sad to see the exit of one of the early innovators who helped pave the way for a new delivery model for access management. Here at Gluu we’re grateful for Symplified’s early leadership, dedication to their customers, and management excellence.


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